Touring Ultimate

Are you interested in touring ultimate in the KW-Guelph region? Here’s some info for you.

What is touring ultimate?

Touring ultimate teams are competitive athletic teams that practice together and attend tournaments during the summer season (April-August usually). Most teams will practice once or twice a week and attend 5 or 6 tournaments over the course of the summer.

Why play touring ultimate?

Why do I play?

What options do I have for touring in the area?

There are three major touring programs in the KW-Guelph area.

Crash & Thunder Ultimate

Crash & Thunder are the mixed (co-ed) touring teams in the KW region. Crash has finished 1st at Nationals in 2014 and 4th at Nationals in 2015. You can find out more about Crash by exploring this website or getting in touch with us. Or you can find us on Twitter or Facebook.

PPF Ultimate

PPF is the women’s ultimate team in KW. PPF finished 1st at Nationals in 2014 and 7th at Nationals in 2015. You can find more info about PPF on Twitter or Facebook.

The Academy – Maverick & Goose

Maverick & Goose make up The Academy, KW’s open (Men’s) ultimate program. Maverick finished 5th at Nationals in 2014 and 15th in 2015. More information can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and at