Thank you Yaacov!

We are very sad to announce that after four very successful seasons, our coach Yaacov Iland will not be back with Crash next year. We are all extraordinarily grateful for all of the work he has done with our system over the past four years!

To put it in his words: “I feel that the vision that the founders had for Crash has been realized. We wanted a team that is mentally strong, works hard, loves practice and supports each other. I feel that not only is Crash there, but that this season we have been there because of [the] leadership [of our] captains and the support of our vets, with me supporting [that], rather than vice versa. I know that I am no longer required for Crash to be the team that I want it to be. This makes me very happy!”

While we are sad to see him go, we look forward to seeing him around the KW ultimate community, spreading joy and a message of hard work. We put together a little video to say goodbye.

4-on-4 Tournament – Round Two

Crash is hosting it’s second ever 4-on-4 tournament on Saturday Nov. 18 from 8:00am-4:00pm. A great way to get through the doldrums of the offseason, get tuned up for C4UC, or just get out and run around with some friends.


  • Date and Time: Saturday Nov. 18 – 8am-4pm
  • Location: Marden Indoor Fieldhouse – 7384 Wellington Rd. 30, RR # 5 Guelph, ON
  • Cost: $300/team
  • Format: 4v4 Mixed Ultimate – 2F:2M gender ratio

Payment is due on Friday Nov. 10.

Signup below to play!


The tournament is now full. If you’d like to get on a waiting list to join, please email us at

Thunder 2017

We’re happy and excited to finally be able to release some details for the upcoming season for Thunder!

First off, we’re excited to introduce Ben McCarron as a captain for Thunder this summer! Ben has taken on the role vacated by Bryan Yeung (who moved away to Singapore) in organizing and planning for Thunder 2017. We’re excited that Ben wants to help run this team and keep building better ultimate players in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Thunder Season Plan

Thunder aims to provide a place for players to play that

  1. Encourages learning and improvement to build better Ultimate players
  2. Provides an opportunity for players to tour more locally and at lower cost
  3. Shows the joy and camaraderie of playing on a team together

To reach those aims, Thunder plans to play in 5 tournaments throughout Southern Ontario this summer.

  • TUF (May 5/6, Toronto)
  • Mayday (May 27/28, Waterloo)
  • Unknown Legends (Mid-June?, Hamilton
  • CUC Regionals (July 8/9, Waterloo)
  • No Borders (July 22/23, Ottawa)

If Thunder sounds like the right place for you to be touring this summer, come out to tryouts starting this Thursday!

Crash and Thunder Tryouts 2017

2017 Crash and Thunder Tryouts!

We are ready for spring to come and hit the field for another awesome season and are excited to announce that tryouts are coming up! If you’re interested in playing for Crash or Thunder this summer, here’s the information you need to know.

Crash and Thunder tryouts will be held together on the following dates:

  • Tryout #1 – Thursday April 20 (Woodside Park, Field #2, Kitchener, 8:00pm-10:00pm)
  • Tryout #2 – Monday April 24 (Woodside Park, Field #1, 8:30pm-10:30pm)
  • Tryout #3 – Thursday April 27 (Woodside Park, Field #1, Kitchener, 7:00pm-9:00pm)

The cost for tryouts will be $20.

For details on the season to come, check out Thunder and our 2017 Season Plan for Crash.

First of all, sign up for tryouts here:

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch! But here are a bunch of answers to some questions you might have.

1. What should I do to prepare for tryouts?

Being ready for tryouts is important. Be in shape, get out and throw before tryouts, and prepare yourself mentally. Two years ago, we gathered some links for you to read and they’re still just as relevant.

2. What should I bring to tryouts?

Light shirt, dark shirt, water. Lots of energy. 20$ to cover field costs.

3. What if I’m also trying out for another team?

Let us know in the tryout form. We communicate with captains from other teams to set up a tryout schedule so that you can be seen by both teams.

4. What if I can’t make it to all the tryouts?

Let us know in the tryout form. We’ll probably be able to work something out.

5. What commitment is expected if you make the team?

You can find out all the information for the Crash 2017 on the season info page.

6. Who will be making decisions about the roster?

The roster for Crash will be chosen by the captains and coaches for Crash (Amanda Froese, Dan Balzerson, Jeremie Raimbault, and Yaacov Iland). Some experienced players from previous Crash teams will also be involved in observing and leading tryouts and their feedback will also be considered when making the team.

Crash Winter Clinics – 2017

We’re back again this winter with winter clinics aimed at touring players interested in improving their skills for the summer season. We’re changing things up this season with 2 clinics in Guelph (@ Marden) and 3 clinics in KW (@ Core). The cost for each clinic is $20, but if you come to all 5, you get the last one free! Hope to see you there!

Here are the dates and times:

  • Jan 14 (CORE) 8-10 pm
  • Jan 28 (MARDEN) 12-2pm led by Cam Harris (Though we’d encourage women to attend the tournament PPF is hosting this day instead!)
  • Feb 11 (CORE) 8-10 pm led by Andrew Higgins
  • Feb 25 (MARDEN) 5-7pm
  • March 11 (CORE) 8-10 pm

Sign up using this form!

Crash Ultimate 4-on-4 Tournament

What’s that I hear? Crash will be hosting a 4-on-4 tournament in November? SOOOO GREAT!


  • Date and Time: Saturday Nov. 19 – 8am-1pm
  • Location: Marden Indoor Fieldhouse – 7384 Wellington Rd. 30, RR # 5 Guelph, ON
  • Cost: $225/team
  • Format: 4v4 Mixed Ultimate – 2F:2M gender ratio

Payment is due on Friday Nov. 11.

Signup below to play!


The tournament has currently reached capacity (10 teams). If you sign up below we will add you to our waiting list in case a team drops out.

Introducing Shadow

The third team in the Storm System this season will be called Shadow! Named after a group of Jaguars, Shadow will try to sneak up on their opponents and pounce when they are unsuspecting. We are very excited to have this third team as part of our system.

Here is the Shadow Roster for 2016.

  • Adison Oliver
  • Adrian Chung
  • Andrew Maranta
  • Ben McCarron
  • Dan Bennet
  • Dan Carlson
  • David Wulff
  • Eniko Zsoldos
  • Eric Hunsberger
  • Jacob Fisher
  • James Robinson
  • Jena De Avila
  • Justin DeGeer
  • Katherine Mazereeuw
  • Maja Kokotovic
  • Mandy Dunbar
  • Marcel Lee
  • Sherry Lin
  • Sydney Dunbar

Coach: Andrew Portwine

Tryout Tips

Sometimes people ask how they can stand out at tryouts, or what they should be doing to try to make the team. To try to help answer that question, I’ve compiled a list of links to pages around the internet that I think are relevant.

First of all, here’s the post I wrote two years ago on this subject. Everything in it is still relevant and worth reading even if you’ve read it before.

Second, Fury has been posting tryout tips on Facebook with the hashtag #furytryouttips16 I’ll quote a few of my favourites here:

2) Get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there! You really never know what a team is looking for and what they may see in you. There was a player a couple years ago who didn’t think she was good enough to try out for Fury so she didn’t sign up at first. When she finally did, she ended up making it to the very last round of tryouts! So sign up and learn things from all of the local teams you have time for, because WHY NOT!

4) We honestly want you to succeed! Tryouts are intimidating – we know cause we’ve all been there. Tryouts make you question your abilities, force you into comparing yourself with others, make you tighten up, make you play scared. It sucks, we totally get it. It might not feel like it to you, but we’re not looking for people to cut, rather we’re looking for people to invite back. That is to say – it’s okay to make mistakes and take chances. Focus on yourself and not how you compare. We invite back people with potential and people who show personal improvement over each weekend. You don’t have to be the best at all of the things in order to make our team.

3) Defense. Defense, defense, defense. We are looking for people who hold the force, who are balanced on their feet, who face their offense at all times, and who don’t get spun around downfield. Prevent handlers from sneaking upline, body up both in the lane and in the deep space, and most importantly don’t hang your head on turns. If you sat in on who-to-invite-back discussions you’d hear the vets say things like, “I felt a lot of pressure from so and so” or “I had a hard time getting open/throwing around so and so.” We don’t care if you get flashy layout d’s, but we’ll take note if you make us feel your presence.

Finally, show up ready to have fun and enjoy playing a game that we all love to play. We love to have fun playing frisbee and we love to play with people who love to have fun playing frisbee. Be enthusiastic, play without fear, and enjoy the moment!