2017 Crash and Thunder Tryouts!

We are ready for spring to come and hit the field for another awesome season and are excited to announce that tryouts are coming up! If you’re interested in playing for Crash or Thunder this summer, here’s the information you need to know.

Crash and Thunder tryouts will be held together on the following dates:

  • Tryout #1 – Thursday April 20 (Woodside Park, Field #2, Kitchener, 8:00pm-10:00pm)
  • Tryout #2 – Monday April 24 (Woodside Park, Field #1, 8:30pm-10:30pm)
  • Tryout #3 – Thursday April 27 (Woodside Park, Field #1, Kitchener, 7:00pm-9:00pm)

The cost for tryouts will be $20.

For details on the season to come, check out Thunder and our 2017 Season Plan for Crash.

First of all, sign up for tryouts here:

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch! But here are a bunch of answers to some questions you might have.

1. What should I do to prepare for tryouts?

Being ready for tryouts is important. Be in shape, get out and throw before tryouts, and prepare yourself mentally. Two years ago, we gathered some links for you to read and they’re still just as relevant.

2. What should I bring to tryouts?

Light shirt, dark shirt, water. Lots of energy. 20$ to cover field costs.

3. What if I’m also trying out for another team?

Let us know in the tryout form. We communicate with captains from other teams to set up a tryout schedule so that you can be seen by both teams.

4. What if I can’t make it to all the tryouts?

Let us know in the tryout form. We’ll probably be able to work something out.

5. What commitment is expected if you make the team?

You can find out all the information for the Crash 2017 on the season info page.

6. Who will be making decisions about the roster?

The roster for Crash will be chosen by the captains and coaches for Crash (Amanda Froese, Dan Balzerson, Jeremie Raimbault, and Yaacov Iland). Some experienced players from previous Crash teams will also be involved in observing and leading tryouts and their feedback will also be considered when making the team.

Thunder coach

Interested in helping to develop ultimate players in the region? Thunder is looking for a new coach! Thunder is the second competitive mixed ultimate team in the Crash system. We aim to be a training ground for hard-working players that are looking to take their game to the next level. Thunder was very popular last year, with interest exceeding the team’s capacity, and we had a successful year playing in multiple tournaments. In the fall, several Thunder players were called up to play with Crash for the USAU series.

Roles and responsibilities:
-Help plan practices (Crash coach, Yaacov, can supply lesson plans).
-Teach newer players finer points about Ultimate Frisbee.
-Make lines and be responsible for playing time decisions at tournaments.
-Logistics to/at/from tournaments (Suggest delegating to willing players).
-Work with Thunder captains to ensure smooth running of the team.

A successful applicant will have touring ultimate frisbee experience, organizational skills to deal with the finer points of running a team, and good people skills to lead and motivate players to give their best. They will be supported by the Crash leadership. If you are interested or would like more information, please email crashulti@gmail.com, or speak with Yaacov or Marcie.