Introducing Shadow

The third team in the Storm System this season will be called Shadow! Named after a group of Jaguars, Shadow will try to sneak up on their opponents and pounce when they are unsuspecting. We are very excited to have this third team as part of our system.

Here is the Shadow Roster for 2016.

  • Adison Oliver
  • Adrian Chung
  • Andrew Maranta
  • Ben McCarron
  • Dan Bennet
  • Dan Carlson
  • David Wulff
  • Eniko Zsoldos
  • Eric Hunsberger
  • Jacob Fisher
  • James Robinson
  • Jena De Avila
  • Justin DeGeer
  • Katherine Mazereeuw
  • Maja Kokotovic
  • Mandy Dunbar
  • Marcel Lee
  • Sherry Lin
  • Sydney Dunbar

Coach: Andrew Portwine

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