New Year, New Look

As you maybe saw on Facebook and Twitter yesterday, Thunder Ultimate updated their social media accounts with some new graphics and logos, beginning the launch of our re-branding process.

Many of you may remember that Thunder took a brief hiatus in 2015 to re-group and re-focus, and when the leadership got together earlier this year to start the discussions of reviving Thunder for 2016, re-branding the team was an important part of that process. We felt it was important to pull forward Thunder’s original lightning bolt logo while also finding something a little more expressive for the team.


Thunder2016FBProfilePic (A big shout out has to go to James Robinson who helped us with the graphic design of our new logo. A 2014 Thunder alumni, he’s a writer and illustrator currently wrapping up his first graphic novel!)

In addition to the lightning bolt, we’re proud to announce that fierce looking hippopotamus as an additional identifier for Thunder Ultimate 2016. These animals are aggressive, unpredictable, and fast: just like our cuts on the field. But how do Thunder and hippopotamuses relate to each other? A group of hippos are called a Thunder, a name likely coming from the noises these animals make while charging: when a group of hippos start running, their stomps can often sound like rolling thunder. We’ll let you know what our opponents say after they hear us chasing down a disc.

2016 is going to be a really exciting year for Thunder Ultimate, and our new look is only a small part of that. We hope you join us.

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