Clinic #5 – Mindfulness and Downfield Defense

Our final clinic of the winter season will be held this Saturday and that it has a slightly different schedule than normal.

The clinic will begin with a workshop from 7pm-8pm on Mindfulness led by Neenah Navasero. This will be held in the meeting/party room just to the left after entering CORE. In her words…

It will be a talk on mindfulness and its application to competitive ultimate and performance. It will include a significant experiential/interactive component to introduce those attending to a few mindful formal practices and a discussion on how mindfulness can be applied to the game. I will be speaking from my experiences in the 2014 summer winning gold with PPF and how mindfulness played a huge role in my personal performance and mental game throughout the season. I hope to share these mental gems with whomever is interested; I do hope people will come with an open, or what I’ve learned through mindfulness, a beginner’s mind.
Following the workshop, Thomas Black will be back to lead the rest of the clinic from 8pm-10pm on our usual field. He’ll probably be leading on downfield defense.

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