Clinic #1 – Pivoting and Moving with the Disc in Your Hands

The Crash winter training clinics started off with a great session on Saturday led by Thomas Black. Thomas is a skilled touring player who has a knack for smoothly dismantling marks with his fantastically effective throwing prowess. The session focused on pivoting movement with the disc in your hands. The key ideas of the session were:

  1. Keep your knee over your foot on the pivot,
  2. Maintain a straight, strong, back
  3. Stay completely balanced while throwing, regardless of what else is happening.

The session started with Thomas walking us through a series of lunges building upon each other to promote better stability and balance while throwing both forehands and backhands. We moved on to maintaining balance pivoting between forehand and backhand while keeping proper throwing form.

Having established a good base for throwing Thomas demonstrated and taught us some very simple but highly effective fakes that take advantage of the solid throwing foundation. The lean-drop-explode was a favourite. It enables the thrower to preload a glute for no-pivot, half-pivot, or full pivot throws that blow past the mark.

After some confusion about what exactly a Crash 45 entailed we put our new skills to work throwing some solid, balanced, and relaxed throws to cutters coming into and across the throwing lane. We finished up the session with a couple scrimmages with rule modifications to keep the the focus on having a strong stance to facilitate breaking the mark. It was great having a strong group of players out and great learning from Thomas.

Our next session will be on January 30th from 8-10pm when we will welcome Matt Snow instruct us on breaking the mark. If you want to sign up for the sessions you can sign up and find all the information on the sign-up form.

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