Crash Ultimate at Mixed Easterns 2015

Fantastic weekend at Mixed Easterns!



Pool play Saturday was a ton of fun! We really showed ourselves what we can do when we buckle down, put our minds and focus into the game, and hustle the other team.

Day 1 condition: If we won our pool, we’d have a 4th slot bye, so we’d be able to go back to the hotel and start recovering earlier, so the motivation to take that spot was definitely there!

Game 1 vs RUT They came out on fire, and had a ton of skill! Unfortunately, later into the second half, their lack of legs became fairly evident as we kept pushing the pace and they couldn’t keep up. With a few more bodies, this would have been a tight game for both teams. Final score: (W) 15-10

Game 2 vs Darkwing (Round 1!) We stormed the field from the start and never looked back. We took half at 8-4, and closed the game out quite a bit before even soft cap. Final score: (W) 15-9

Game 3 vs Pleasuretown We started well early, then they caught up and took half 7-8. After half they came out on fire, scoring another 3 points to make it 7-11. Then we buckled down, threw down 5 points, the 5th one after hard cap, to make it a hard-cap win! Final score: (W) 12-11 Side note: Their jerseys are awesome! Rainbow colours with a white unicorn. A UNICORN!

Day 2: Elimination brackets! The day started off gloomy but no rain, despite forecasts saying there was a 90 POP for almost the entire day. We had some drizzle during games 4 and 5, but the rain didn’t come until game 6, at which point it wasn’t temporary rain showers, but not even a downpour! We totally lucked out!

Pre-quarters – Game 4 vs Animals Our first and only matchup against a Canadian team in the tournament! It was really hard fought battle, but we wanted to close it out early to give ourselves some rest, so we did! Final score: (W) 15-8

Quarters – Game 5 vs Darkwing (Round 2!) They obviously knew us better than we knew them, because we got lit up from the start. Then, down 6-12, we turned on the jets, and went on a 9-2 run to win the game 15-14. The cheering when we won this game was insane!

Semis – Game 6 vs Wild Card In case some of you don’t know, Wild Card is a pretty high-calibre team. They took 4th at Worlds last year, tied for 3rd at US Nationals last year, and this matchup was the exact game we came here to play. We fought hard and valiantly, but their execution was too much for us. We did some sparks of greatness from our team, and we’re looking forward to bringing more of this to our game! Final score: (L) 5-15

Consolation Finals – Game 7 vs Metro North Our last game of the day for third place! We came out with fire, ready to play until the end. They came out strong, put up a lead of a few points and unfortunately, that lead would get extended a bit more before the end. We were definitely in this game, and the result could have been very different if we had caught a few more throws, and had they not made some seriously lucky catches. Overall, a solid game, and we definitely showed we could hang with them.

And that’s a wrap! We came up with an entire laundry list of highlights from the weekend, mostly from on the field, but even some from off of the fields, so it was definitely a crazy fun weekend!

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