Crash Roster for 2015

The Crash roster for 2015 has been selected! We’re excited to announce that the following players will be part of Crash this summer.

Team Photo

]1 Team pictured after winning MayDay in Waterloo. Not pictured: Matt McGill, Julia DeWeerd

Adam O’Donnell
Alex Austin
Amanda DeVries
Amanda Froese
Brad Froese
Bryanne Root (C)
Daniel Johnson (C)
Dario Zgrablic
Emily Ritz
Greg Taylor
Jade Bedley
Jake Redekopp
Jamie Yeung
Jennifer Taves
Jonathan Nelson
Julia DeWeerd
Justin DeWeerd
Kristen Dearden
LA Tuck
Mathison Taylor
Matt McGill
Matt Morison
Megan Bailey
Natalie Mullin
Neil Thomas
Patrick Tuck
Peter Mullen
Yaacov Iland