2015 Crash Tryouts Announcements

Tryouts are coming up! If you’re interested in playing for Crash or Thunder this summer, here’s the information you need to know! We’re excited to build on our successful season last year and hope that you want to be part of it!

First of all, sign up for tryouts here:

Tryout Signup Form

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch! But here are a bunch of answers to some questions you might have.

1. What should I do to prepare for tryouts?

Being ready for tryouts is important. Be in shape, get out and throw before tryouts, and prepare yourself mentally. Last year, we gathered some links for you to read and they’re still just as relevant.

2. What should I bring to tryouts?

Light shirt, dark shirt, water. Lots of energy. 20$ to cover field costs.

3. What if I’m also trying out for another team?

Let us know in the tryout form. We communicate with captains from other teams to set up a tryout schedule so that you can be seen by both teams.

4. What if I can’t make it to all the tryouts?

Let us know in the tryout form. We’ll probably be able to work something out.

5. What commitment is expected if you make the team?

Crash and Thunder will be having 2 practices a week (Tuesday and Thursday nights.) Crash will be attending the following tournaments.

  • Toronto Ultimate Festival – (May 9-10)
  • MayDay (Waterloo) – (May 23-24)
  • Mixed Easterns (Boston) – (May 30/31) (If this doesn’t work out, we’ll likely go to Comedy of Errors instead)
  • Regionals (Barrie) – (July 11-12?)
  • No Borders (Ottawa) – (July 25-26)
  • Nationals (Winnipeg) – (August 13-16)

Thunder will be attending the following tournaments.

  • Toronto Ultimate Festival – (May 9-10)
  • MayDay (Waterloo) – (May 23-24)
  • Summer Experience (Toronto) – (June 6-7)
  • Regionals (Barrie) – (July 11-12)
  • Other tournaments based on team interest

6. Who will be making decisions about the roster?

The roster for Crash will be chosen by Matt Havercroft, Dan Johnson, Bryanne Root, and Yaacov Iland. The roster for Thunder will be chosen by Natalie Mullin and the Thunder leadership team.

7. Can you explain the tryout process? When will cuts be made?

Any player that’s interested in playing with Crash or Thunder will be trying out for the team this spring and is expected to attend tryouts. The first tryout, on April 28, will be for players who are new to touring in KW-Guelph. We’d like to have a chance to evaluate players we don’t know well before the large-scale tryouts starting May 1. We’ll be sending out emails to all players indicating whether we’ll be expecting to see them at the first tryout. Following the first tryout, new players will be streamed into two groups, one that will continue trying out for Crash, and one that will continue trying out for Thunder. Players that move onto Crash tryouts will be invited to attend the second tryout on Friday May 1, along with all others that are interested in playing with Crash this summer.

Crash and Thunder tryouts will continue on Monday May 4 with separate tryouts for each team. On Wednesday May 6, tryouts will conclude with each team holding a mini-tournament followed by final cuts.

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