Day Two TUF – 2nd Place Finish

Day two began with a heated matchup against Thunder Ultimate. Coming right out of tryouts, there was a little bit of extra intensity involved in this game and Thunder showed us just how good they could become this season. Thunder took an early lead, but we slowly worked our way back in front to take half 8-6. The battle between Neil Thomas and Brad Froese in the first half was especially fun to watch with both guys throwing themselves at every possible play. The second half went Crash’s way and the final score was 15-8 Crash. This was a great game with huge plays on both sides and the final score doesn’t really do justice to how close the game felt. Thunder went on to finish 8th at the tournament, a huge jump from their original seed! Awesome!

Running after the pull.

1 Running after the pull.

After our game against Thunder we had a round off before the semi-finals during which we enjoyed some delicious cake brought by Suze from her wedding shower the day before. Amanda DeVries also arrived, providing a boost to our roster for the afternoon games.

Amanda plays some zone defense.

2 Amanda plays some zone defense.

Our semi-final game was against Smoke, from Peterborough, and once again we fell behind by a break in the first half (I sense a theme here). We were playing well on offense, but struggled to stop their hucking game in the first half. Some adjustments and a little more zone defense got us a couple breaks late in the first half to get back on top in the game. In particular, Devy came up with a huge block in the endzone on a swing pass that led to a score. We stayed ahead for the rest of the game eventually scraping out an 11-10 victory and setting us up for a rematch against The Tribe in the final.

Jon Hines throws a pass!

3 Jon Hines throws a pass!

In the final, we once again fell behind in the first half. We forced lots of turnovers but struggled to punch them in for scores and The Tribe successfully converted their opportunity for a break. The game featured a ton of big plays with huge D’s by Eugene for them, and Neil for us. We were down 8-7 at half time.

Dan tries to throw around Jacky, gets fouled.

4 Dan tries to throw around Jacky, gets fouled.

In the second half, we came back with two breaks to tie the game at 10-10 with us starting on offense. The horn blew and it was universe point. The final point of the game was just like the rest of it, hard fought, competitive, spirited, and filled with opportunities for both teams to put the game away. In the end, the game was won with a massive grab by Ron in the endzone jumping over Neil. He was clearly fouled on the play and did an amazing job to hang onto the disk! It was a fitting end to a great game.

Congratulations Tribe! I’m sure it won’t be the last time we play each other this year and I’m looking forward to all the future meetings.

Ron Siu makes the game-winning grab!

5 Ron Siu makes the game-winning grab!

Once again, thanks to Ed Kung for taking all of these photos. You can find more photos from day two in his album on Facebook.

TUF Tournament Recap – Day One

This weekend was our first tournament of the summer, the Toronto Ultimate Festival at Sunnybrook Park. This is the first significant tournament for Ontario touring in the summer schedule. We were seeded first in the tournament which put us in Pool A with Skerj Ultimate, Quick’n’Dirty, and So Long and Thanks for All the Fish (Big Fish at a farewell tournament).

Team cheer after our game against Tribe on Saturday.

1 Team cheer after our game against Tribe on Saturday.

Our first game Saturday morning was against Skerj, a team featuring several of our friends from Whiplash last season. We took care of business in this game and came up with a 15-2 win. Good way to start to the season! We then played against the Fish crew from Ottawa and came away with a convincing 13-4 win. Our final pool play game was more of a battle. After starting out strong and taking a big lead early in the first half, Quick’n’Dirty came storming back to bring it to just an 8-6 halftime lead for Crash. It was a hard fought first half with lots of big plays both ways.

Chris Sanderson throwing a sweet flick down the field.

2 Chris Sanderson throwing a sweet flick down the field. Check out that face!

Our final game on Saturday was the 1 vs. 1 crossover game between pools A and D so we scheduled to play against The Tribe, a new team from Toronto made up primarily of players from the University of Toronto. They are young, athletic, and talented and had won their pool with convincing wins over BULLDOGS, Hubris, and Raft. We knew heading into it that this was going to be a game.

Everett Walls lays out next to Eugene from Tribe who is getting a huge defensive block!

3 Everett Walls lays out next to Eugene from Tribe who is getting a huge defensive block!

We started off going down a couple points as a few ill-advised hucks were met with some excellent deep defense, but battled to keep the game close. Late in the first half we got one break and then another to take the lead at halftime. Perhaps my favourite play of the weekend happened during this game. Playing Offense against a zone, we were stuck on the sideline for a bunch of throws in a row. Their defense got a little agressive trying to make sure we couldn’t get out of this spot and missed Christa sneaking deep down the field. Wayne threw up a perfect huck in the wind the length of the field and Christa was 40-50 yards open to catch it. Beautiful throw!

Neil makes a catch!

4 Neil makes a catch!

This game was also a bit of a coming out party for Neil Thomas, new to touring ultimate this season. Neil got some significant reps at big moments during this game and made the most of it. The game finished with a final score of 10-8 in our favour with a big huck to a laying out Cam Nugent (also new to Crash this season) after he snuck away deep from a poaching defender. Awesome grab by Cam!

The crossver game win meant we held our top seed going into Sunday’s play and set up a showdown with Thunder Ultimate in the quarterfinals.

High fives!

5 High fives!

Thanks to Ed Kung for taking such great photos all weekend! So awesome. More photos from the tournament are available in his albums.

Day two recap coming soon!