Tryouts Start Tomorrow

Only one day to go! Tryouts start tomorrow night in Guelph. We’re excited to see you all (again) soon! If you haven’t signed up for tryouts yet, do it now…it will simplify things:

Tryout Signup Form

Two reminders and one final article to read.

Things to Bring to Tryouts

  • $20 to pay for fields
  • Dark and light jersey
  • Disc
  • Water


A few people have entered their information into the carpooling spreadsheet. If you have a ride to offer, or need a ride, check it out. We’d really like to make sure that everyone can get to tryouts and that we’re driving as few cars as possible.


One Final Thing to Read

Over the past couple months, Jen Pashley has been publishing a blog called Making Fury that eventually ended up on Skyd about her efforts to train for making Fury, one of the best Women’s Ultimate teams in the world. It’s full of interesting interesting articles, but the one that was posted this week is perfect for the start of tryouts. In Becoming a Better Teammate, Jen describes three players who have been the best teammates that she has every played with. I will summarize.

  1. The Leader – makes players around them raise their game through effort and hard work. The leader raises everyone’s level of intensity by “giving it her all during every drill, every practice, every point, and every game” and making others want to do the same.
  2. The Humbler – one of the best, most athletic, players, but also one who never believed that they had to make the big plays. The humbler builds up the team by ascribing all of his own accomplishments as “a reflection of his fellow teammates’ hard work and skills.”
  3. The Challenger – brings the same intensity to individual battles in practice that will be brought in the game. I will quote: “She forced me to run harder, fight for every disc, and make smarter decisions. She tested me, knowing it would help me find my weaknesses. She pushed me, knowing it would help build strength against our opponents. She was a better teammate because she challenged me to play at my best, and would always put me in my place if I didn’t.”

Consider these roles: maybe one of them is right for you. Maybe you have your own way to be the best teammate you can possibly be that is even more awesome. Bring that strength with you to tryouts and demonstrate it.

Let’s go Crash!

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