Tryouts – Just One Week Away

Tryouts are just one week away! We’re excited to get the season started and we hope you are too. If you haven’t signed up yet for tryouts, here’s a link to the tryout form.

Sign up for tryouts using this link.

In addition, here are some more administrative notes…

Other Tryouts

If you are also trying out for Maverick on April 22 (9pm at Woodside), we encourage you to attend only their tryout that evening instead of trying to do both. If you are also trying out for PPF we would also encourage you to attend their tryouts on the Tuesdays and ours on the Thursdays. In both situations, let us know that you are doing so (if you haven’t already) so we can keep track.

Since we are less concerned about field space, we are now inviting those players from Whiplash 2013 and MuD 2012 who would like to attend the first tryout to come on April 22nd. There is no obligation to attend, but if you want to get another couple of hours in outside we are no longer actively discouraging your attendance.

Things to bring with you to tryouts.

  • $20 to pay for tryouts
  • Water and maybe a snack
  • Dark and light jerseys
  • Disc


We’ve put up a Google Doc to help people organize rides. Since (approximately) half of the people trying out will need to commute significantly to each tryout, we’d like to both help those without cars and lower our environmental impact by carpooling. Here is the link. If you’re struggling to find a ride, let us know and we’ll try to help.

Carpooling Spreadsheet.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

–Dan, Bry, Yaacov, and Chris

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