No Heroes

This is my first year captaining a touring ultimate team and I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I spend time every day training, practicing, thinking about training and practicing, planning and considering what I’d like this team to be in the summer. I’ve decided that I wanted to share some of those readings and thoughts and this seems like the appropriate place. So, over the next few weeks leading up to tryouts and maybe into the summertime, I plan to post some things here that I find interesting and that have shaped my values as a player.

The first thing I want you to read is this article from The ShowGame entitled No Heroes written by the coach of the UK National team. It’s a discussion of what makes a player a successful team player vs. individual player and how to be a successful team player. One of the values that Crash will seek to build and embody throughout our season is effort and hard work. Whether we’re up 10 or down 10, playing in our first game of the year, or the game to go to Nationals, we want to be working 100% of the time.

As we approach tryouts, this is one of the key things that we’ll be looking for. A willingness to put in the work that’s required: in practice and in games, every time we step on the field together.

… effort is vital. Anyone who goes to a tryout or serious tournament and needs to be reminded that it’s competitive sport and they need to put in some effort, just doesn’t have the right mental attitude. And I don’t just mean physical effort, I mean mental too; focus on the person you’re marking, remember the force, get your body positioning right. Remember our offensive systems and your role in them. Effort, dedication. An unrelenting desire to outwork the opposition. Do your job, and nothing more. No heroes.

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