Whiplash 2013 Announcement

Whiplash is excited to announce our 2013 season!

After a successful first year, Whiplash is excited about 2013 and is already training for the summer season. In 2012, Whiplash accomplished its goals by finishing 5th at regionals and qualifying for nationals.  In 2013, we are looking to improve upon our 2012 results by qualifying for Nationals and improving our ranking.

We are looking for competitive Ultimate players who are hard working and willing to learn, and are committed to practicing twice a week and competing at Nationals.

At tryouts, the Whiplash leadership team will be evaluating players based on skill level, athleticism, teamwork and fitness. Fitness testing will include 20m shuttle, T test, reaction drill, and broad jumps. The tryout will include the Soggy Bottom and TUF tournaments. Sign up for our tryouts mailing list here.

Practices will be held on Tuesday and Thursday through the summer, with tryouts also on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting the week of April 30. Practices will be held at a location easily accessible for out of town players.

The tournaments this season are:

  •  Soggy Bottom (tryout)
  • TUF (tryout)
  • May Day
  • Northern Flights or Comedy of Errors
  • Regionals
  • No Borders
  • Nationals

Should you have questions about the team or any of the details, please do not hesitate to contact us at whiplashultimate@gmail.com.

See you on the field!
John-Eric, Lindsey, Dan, Denise and Yaacov